Educational Programs

**animal availability varies**

Our main program focuses on endangered species and what you can do to help animals like these around the world. We talk about the risks of endangerment and how we along with other zoos alike are helping these animals come back from the brink of extinction.  We are also partnered with another USDA licensed facility to be able to bring animals other than just lemurs to programs. 
Programs are open to schools, churches, boy scout/girl scout groups. We do not provide animals for petting zoos or birthday parties at this time. Our main service area is north of the Houston area, however travel may be available to other areas. Email us with information on your event for a quote. Our animals are not to be mistaken for pets, they help provide information about conservation and the staff has been trained extensively to provide a safe environment when handling the animals.
Examples of animals available
Due to an increased demand for animal intake, our focus is currently on expanding our facility so we are not doing programs at this time.