Meet The Residents

Here are just a few of our 62 resident lemurs!
  1. Holly
    Holly is our one armed lemur. Not much is known about her history but she is estimated to be in her upper teens.
  2. Mr Pinchy
    This guy is quite the character! He came to us with Holly a few years ago. Mr Pinchy definitely lives up to his name and always has an attitude!
  3. Jar Jar
    This guy came to us from another facility to recover from a major leg injury after being attacked by another male lemur in his previous troop. Although his injury caused some permanent damage, he is doing well with his new troop here.
  4. Jango
    Jango was previously a pet but due to family changes this little guy ended up coming to us. He was able to transition into a small troop & now enjoys just being a lemur.
  5. Cleo
    This special girl came to us from another facility with many health problems brought on by older age. She had to have her tail completely amputated due to a tumor & has a seizure disorder from a previous head injury. She is a super sweet girl & loves to talk!
  6. Squeaky Pete
    SP came to us from a private owner. Soon after his arrival, he had to have emergency surgery for a foreign body. He recovered well & is enjoying life with his girlfriend Delilah!

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